On a typical sunny day in the Spring of ‘98, a few good pals were having a clandestine gathering at the Wormy Dog Saloon in Stillwater, OK.  Amid the crowd and distractions, a song began playing...it was a catchy tune. It was a song about Boys from Oklahoma that rolled their joints all wrong. At that moment, one of the pals said to the group, “You know what would be cool? If they legalized marijuana someday and we could start a company that rolled joints like that!”  HA! The rest of the group appreciated the novelty of the idea but thought it just a frivolous dream, since we all knew that marijuana would never become legal.

       Fast forward 20 years, and that one casual conversation on that typical sunny day in Stillwater, OK has now become a reality.  The Boys From Oklahoma Rolling Co. was born from an idea that was inspired by a song. It is our dream to bring that song to life by providing the most exemplary homegrown products for you.  We love our State, we love our Red Dirt culture, and we love delivering that joy & excitement to you!

So go enjoy getting to live the dream with us!  Not too skinny… not too long… We roll ‘em just right for you!


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